Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and offering one-on-one online sessions.

Back and Neck Pain Relief

IMG_4852Relief from pain caused by repetitive patterns in our daily life.

Injuries also pull the body out of alignment.

They are not only traumatic in themselves but they cause the body significant stress, both in the moment of injury and in the compensating behaviors during the healing process (e.g.: the weight and forced immobilization of a cast, the imbalance of crutches, or too much bed rest).


How the Alexander Technique Can Help

Chronic pain is often caused by bad posture, misaligned bodies and lack of knowledge about how to move properly. The Alexander Technique teaches you to address each of these, allowing for the full flow of energy throughout the body. Also, through applying the Alexander Technique you can prevent tiredness, worn out feelings and injuries.

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Mind-Body Rejuvenation


A very gentle yet deep hands-on work on a massage table.What clients have said:

“What an experience of peace, calm, and serenity” 
“I feel a deep Relaxation”
“Thousand times superior to a massage!”
- Deborah S January 2014

“I feel more space inside my body, more alive”
-Patrice 2010

“You make my body trust again instead of retreating like a turtle”
- James July 2013

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Breath and Voice Work

Breath and Voice Work

  • - Have greater presence in your communication.
  • - Access a powerful breath and your true voice.
  • - Find a natural source of authenticity and vitality.
  • - Release physical, emotional and vocal blockages.
  • - Unique vocal exercises.


Dominique uses elements of Serge Wilfart’s voice work, Alexander Technique and yoga, providing a safe, inspiring, and powerful environment. The unexpressed sounds we hold inside become physical tension. Voice work releases that tension by releasing the sounds themselves.

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