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IMG_4861The Alexander Technique is a century-old practice that centers around undoing harmful postural habits, increasing the efficiency of body movement, and releasing muscle tension. Alexander Technique lessons are approached from the perspective of how the body is used on a daily basis - that is, everyday activities (walking, sitting, standing) are practiced with special attention to alignment and posture.

The goal of the Alexander Technique is to use the body optimally so that it functions as an integrated whole as opposed to a series of disconnected movements that create tension and pain. When the Alexander Technique is employed, we experience lightness, ease and strength – aches and pains disappear! The Alexander Technique puts you in touch with your body’s core movement and taps into your body’s instinctual intelligence, allowing you full access to vitality, grace, elegance and resilience.

According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, back and neck problems are among the most common common reasons Americans see a doctor. Alexander Technique is a therapy developed in the late 1800s by actor F.M. Alexander as a cure for pain and hoarseness.

Today Alexander Technique is being increasingly used by people who are seeking non invasive treatments for back, neck, shoulder and joint pain.  Through hands on coaching and subtle exercises, certified Alexander Technique teachers help you learn how to be more aware of your body.  After several lessons you start noticing how you habitually tighten and tense your body in everyday activities, which then leads to back, neck, or shoulder pain. Alexander technique helps you learn how to use your body in a balanced, light way.

20 minute video that describes the Alexander Technique

2 minute video about the Alexander Technique:

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