Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

Breath and Voice Work

  • - Have greater presence in your communication.
  • - Access a powerful breath and your true voice.
  • - Find a natural source of authenticity and vitality.
  • - Release physical, emotional and vocal blockages.
  • - Unique vocal exercises.


Dominique uses elements of Serge Wilfart’s voice work, Alexander Technique and yoga, providing a safe, inspiring, and powerful environment. The unexpressed sounds we hold inside become physical tension. Voice work releases that tension by releasing the sounds themselves.

First, Dominique leads her client into a variety of postures that encourage core muscles in the lower abdominal area ( also known as the 3rd diaphragm) to get engaged and to support the diaphragm. Then she helps the client make simple sounds, with specific vowels and syllables, carried by a powerful breath coming from deep within instead of sounds pushed through a constricted throat.

As the client gives voice to these primeval sounds, there is tremendous release. Through Dominique’s guidance – provided by her hands, her words, her calming presence – the client finds that the voice itself becomes an instrument of healing, freeing body, breath, and mind.


“Being an experienced and busy workshop presenter, I use my voice extensively. I have taken many voice lessons over the decades, and many have really helped me. However, nothing that I’ve experienced in voice work goes to the depth that Dominique Jacques does. Her gentle and powerful methods released unseen blockage. There is now more resonance to my voice, and that resonance is still with me. It seems the change is a transformation! I’m not quite sure what Dominique does. I just know it works wonders.” – Tom Russell, SuperWisdom Foundation, Arizona

“Now, I am clearer about what I feel, quicker to give an opinion. I can express myself more precisely and with less anxiety. I am empowered to say what I had trouble saying before: Enough! Or, No!” - Patty Mittendorf, San Diego

“The sounds and the act of expressing them felt ancient and sacred. I felt transported to some distant time. As Dominique moved up and down my body, releasing my knees, my sacrum, my solar plexus, my neck–I felt like I was a musical instrument: a cello being played by the cellist. It was as if the frets of the cello were being moved to adjust the sound. With each release suggested by her hands, I reached a deeper and more resonant space with my voice. I was able to sound higher notes than I usually can, and on the “return journey” was able to access deeper notes than I could when I’d begun the exercise. At the end of 15 minutes, my posture was open and aligned, strong yet relaxed. I felt great!.” – Suzy Pelham Thorman, Berkeley