Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

IMG_4852Relief from pain caused by repetitive patterns in our daily life.

Injuries also pull the body out of alignment.

They are not only traumatic in themselves but they cause the body significant stress, both in the moment of injury and in the compensating behaviors during the healing process (e.g.: the weight and forced immobilization of a cast, the imbalance of crutches, or too much bed rest).


How the Alexander Technique Can Help

Chronic pain is often caused by bad posture, misaligned bodies and lack of knowledge about how to move properly. The Alexander Technique teaches you to address each of these, allowing for the full flow of energy throughout the body. Also, through applying the Alexander Technique you can prevent tiredness, worn out feelings and injuries.


The Alexander Technique helps your body re-learn its natural patterns of balance, coordination and deep muscle use. Good posture and functional movements become easy, natural and you can know how to help yourself moment to moment in challenging positions and challenging movements.

The Alexander Technique is very effective in partnership with rehabilitation.

It teaches you to let the intelligence of the body guide your muscles in the most beneficial and efficient way. In the photos below you see before and after examples. The before photo shows the man bending from the back, where he is bending form the hips and knew in the after example.