Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley


  • Take control of nonverbal habits.
  • Train your voice to convey calm and confidence.
  • Hold yourself with commanding posture.
  • Keep a clear head under pressure.
  • Become aware of your breathing habits.



More than 90% of business professionals do not use their body to its maximum capacity. Old habitual movement patterns and body postures from traumas and workplace challenges lodge in the body and deplete vitality, inspiration and stamina.  The voice is weak and constricted. Your ability to influence, lead and make the impression you want is compromised. Your body becomes fatigued, with aches, pains and illness, including chronic back pain and neck tension. You feel drained.

The Alexander Technique Helps with Executive Poise and Presence 

The Alexander Technique provides business professionals easy to use techniques to change unhealthy postural, voice and movement habits and to use the body as it was designed by nature ’ for energy, efficiency and optimal performance.

How Dominique’s Sessions Work

Your postural habits, exhibited in how you sit at a desk, use a computer, speak on the phone or in front of an imaginary audience will be analyzed according to their potential impact on your level of fatigue, stress, and presence. Through expert hands-on guidance, you receive a tangible experience of using your body in a more natural, ergonomic way. You will learn to notice tension in your body and release it on your own. As this happens your body’s memory is awakened, and you will be able to function at this expanded capacity.

The coaching sessions are enjoyable and can be applied immediately in your work. You will begin to see results immediately and with time you will be able to implement your learnings without coaching.


“Strangely I have more time and find that I am no longer swept along by the pace of work and seem to have found more objectivity in my problem solving. The “buzz” of excitement has been replaced by a sense of calm that I found unnerving at first, but now recognize as a prelude to increase effectiveness.”

- Fred Clarke, General manager

“I learnt to relax by myself, and it is not necessary to set aside some time. I can do it while walking, sitting, talking to people.”

-Andrew Rettig, Bank officer

“Your sessions made me more alert, more controlled, more organized.”

-Chris Hansen, Investment Consultant

“Now, with Dominique’s help, I can eliminate the tension within seconds of becoming aware of its onset. This allows me to think creatively in my preparation for the sales interview. I arrive cool, calm and collected. You have also helped me with desk work. Improved posture and relaxation techniques enable me to work for loner periods without tiring.”

-Alex Filipovic, Marketing consultant

Would you build a sales strategy focused on only 8% of your product?

Studies in communication show that only 8% of the impact you make is through your words. 92% is through voice and body language. Yet most business professionals spend a considerable amount of time choosing their words wisely and virtually no time honing their body language and voice. This is like creating a sales strategy using only 8% of your product or services. By adding in the other 92%, it opens a new world of possibilities.

How often do you walk away from an interaction sure you said the right things, your audience understood what you said and you would achieve the desired results, yet things don’t turn out the way you expected?

Often the reason is that your body and voice are not in sync with your words ’ you tell your audience with your body and the timbre of your voice that you are not sure of yourself, that you are not worthy of attention, or that you don’t believe they will do what you want them to.

Stop letting the success that you work hard to achieve be continually undermined by your body language and voice!

Your body and voice are designed to be used in a very specific way. When they are used correctly, you feel a sense of ease, confidence, freedom, and power. You have energy and a strong charismatic presence.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Our Messages In Sync?

In everyday life, the fight or flight response can be unexpectedly aroused by situations that cause worry or anxiety, causing tension and an increase in heart rate and breathing. Humans, with their evolved brains, are conscious that this instinctive response can be inappropriate. However, acting against one’s impulses, or having to decide between conflicting choices, can cause anxiety, stress, and muscular tension ’ this is particularly challenging in a work environment. These patterns may be compounded when you doubt your abilities, or when your wants conflict with your beliefs of what is possible.

What is Body Voice Energetics?

Dominique’s unique approach Body Voice Energetics (BVE) was specifically developed to address this set of challenges. By drawing on her 37 years of teaching the Alexander Technique, background as a psychologist, and countless trainings in voice, Yoga, postural and healing methods, Dominique has put together a package difficult to replicate by those specializing in only one discipline.

BVE is being offered both via individual lessons as well as a corporate training program. Please call for details.