Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

headshot1Dominique Jacques M.A. is a world-class Alexander Technique teacher. She trained under FM Alexander’s principle proteges, Walter Carrington, and has over 40 years of experience. Her sessions can be described in one word: transformative. She combines her rich Alexander Technique experience with her psychology background and great interest in personal growth to create a program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Dominique has been teaching the Alexander Technique to individuals, groups and organizations in Europe, Australia and the United States. She presently works with a variety of individuals, focusing her work on athletes, performance artists, and business professionals. Her main practice takes place in Palo Alto. With her unique blend of innovative techniques she is able to bring about strong and positive change in people from a wide range of ages and professions.

“My life long commitment is to self-development and enhancing people’s life at all levels. I am often in awe when I witness people’s breakthrough in their ability to relate to their body with a new sense of power and freedom. I love to be instrumental in people’s well being, success and growth.”’
-Dominique Jacques

Dominique obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from La Sorbonne University in 1971. She received her Alexander Technique teaching certification in 1976, after completing three years of full-time, intensive training in the city of London.

She participated in that video:

- American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)
- Alexander Technique International (ATI)
- Alexander Technique Education (ATE)

Dominique has participated in the follow programs:

- Siddha Yoga & Meditation
- Non Violent Communication
- Landmark Education
- Peak Potential trainings
- Neuro Linguistic Programing
- Serge Wilfart’s Voice work
- Somatic Experiencing

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