Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley
Where do sessions take place?

During the Pandemic online sessions only.
Otherwise Dominique offers personalized sessions in the sereine setting of her studios
in California: Palo Alto, 4382 Miller Court and Menlo Park 460 Ninth Avenue.

Dominique also offers her sessions in the following settings:

- in “the field” : golf course, tennis course, gym and so on
- in corporate settings

IMG_0005What should I wear for a session?

You wear your regular clothes throughout the session. Make sure you can be comfortable.

How long does a session last?

The sessions last on average 45 minutes, sometimes 60 minutes, according to your needs, interests and budget. Couples often share one hour sessions.

How many sessions are recommended?

Depending on your goals and needs, you may wish to enroll in a series of sessions over several weeks. Many students find the more they learn, the more successful they are at applying the skills of the Alexander Technique to just about every aspect of their lives. During the first session, Dominique will discuss with you a recommended number of sessions, given your goals and needs.

Your First Session…

At your first session, Dominique finds out from you what you need. She explains how the Alexander Technique can works and gives you a tangible experience. She takes pictures and videos, she assesses how you use your body in the “core skills”- the actions that all of us take minute-by-minute in our lives sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, lifting. She observes your movement patterns your gait and posture.

With this information, Dominique identifies how you are misusing your body – in short, what you do that limits you and creates unnecessary tension and pain.

As this analysis is happening, Dominique guides you, with her hands and her gentle touch, into the proper alignment.What follows is what Dominique refers to as “an experience of ease and well being.”

You will leave the session light, buoyant, relaxed and mindful – and you will have received simple tools to start helping yourself release tensions whenever you want.

“When I finish a session with Dominique, I am in a state of bliss. I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face, my body is so joyfully relaxed and my mind is at peace. Everything feels right in the world!”

posture2In Later Sessions…
We change our habits of posture, movement, and breath step by step.

In each session with Dominique, you learn how to refine and strengthen your connection to a healthy stance and movement pattern.

After building a strong foundation with the core skills of your life, you can now work with more complex activities – swinging a golf club, running, dancing, cooking, driving a car, lifting weights.

In her studio, Dominique also works with you lying down on a massage table. It is often people’s favorite part. Skillfully holding your head and limbs, she helps you participate consciously in the release of tensions and teaches you techniques that can help you de-stress and re-energize.

With Dominique, you learn how to adopt an attitude of “allowing” poise and natural posture.