Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

After only three lessons with you about the Alexander Technique I’ve noticed improvements in my work -out at the gym. In addition to my subjective experience of doing better, I actually have an objective measure, called the Performance Index. My efficiency is improving.  – Patrick R Scientist and Musician

I am clearer about what I feel, quicker to give an opinion, less hesitant. I am able to express myself more clearly, with less anxiety. I am being empowered to say : enough, or no.    – Patty M, Physician Assistant

I think the work this weekend has given me permission to reconnect with the masculine side of me.  It’s encouraging for me to find clarity and fire within myself.   – Lee G

It is a marvelous centering Technique, it gives a confident way to approach the world.  – Kathy Vanhorden Life Coach

Since I use the Alexander Technique, I am more fun to be with, I have more useful energy.  – Joan E, Consultant

Working with Dominique was inspiring and profound. – John Friend founder of Anusara Yoga

I learnt with you to relax by myself, and it is not necessary to set aside some time. I can do it while walking, sitting, talking to people. – Andrew Rettig, Bank officer

After only a few weeks, Dominique had me walking energetically with a lively stride, erect and tall. My shoulders are less rounded, my slouchy way of sitting is just history and possibly best of all, my low back stiffness and pain is no more. – Buddy Shencker MD San Diego

Your sessions made me more alert, more controlled, more organized. – Chris Hansen, Investment Consultant