Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

In her own words:

“I was born and raised in France where I obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from La Sorbonne University. In 1971, after I completed my graduate work in psychology I went, out of curiosity, to an Alexander Technique session with a teacher from England. I was in no pain, had no particular complaints, but after one half hour, I felt so balanced, so well in body and spirit that I decided to have weekly sessions for myself . Meanwhile I was working as a Clinical Psychologist. I came across Humanistic Psychology and was delighted to find the emotional body taken into account in therapy. In 1972 I co-founded the first Humanistic Psychology Center in France called the “Center for development of human potential” organizing workshops in Bioenergetics, Gestalt therapy, meditation and co-counseling led by American and English trainers.

In 1973, I started to fulfill my dream which was to study to become an Alexander Teacher: I was a psychotherapist in Paris working mainly in groups on weekends and that way, I was able to train during the week in London . For the next three years I studied with Walter Carrington, one of the principal teachers trained by Alexander himself. At the end of my studies, I returned home to Paris, as the first French teacher of the Alexander Technique. Since 1976 I have taught both privately and in association with various institutions all over Europe, Australia, India and the United States.

I am continually marveling at the power and effectiveness of FM Alexander’s remarkable technique and have been refining and deepening my approach as I engaged personally in the following disciplines over the years:

In 1977 I had travelled to India and embarked on a spiritual journey. My practice of yoga and meditation have enhanced my ability to forward people’s growth on more levels: mind, body, breath, spirit. My former interest in personal development led me to participate to numerous trainings like Non Violent Communication, Landmark Education, Peak Potential trainings, Neuro Linguistic Programing.In 2003, I came across the powerful Voice work developed by Serge Wilfart in Europe. I have since then integrated his approach into my work when appropriate.

The practice and teaching of Alexander Technique has been a life-long journey which has brought me great satisfaction”