Alexander Technique San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley


A very gentle yet deep hands-on work on a massage table.What clients have said:

“What an experience of peace, calm, and serenity” 
“I feel a deep Relaxation”
“Thousand times superior to a massage!”
- Deborah S January 2014

“I feel more space inside my body, more alive”
-Patrice 2010

“You make my body trust again instead of retreating like a turtle”
- James July 2013

What can you experience during the session?
- An experience of well-being
- A calming down of your nervous system
- Deep release of excess tension
- Discomfort, pain, and stress melting away
- Confidence replaces gradually any anxiety and worry
-  A natural lengthening without much effort on your part
-  You tune into your body

What happens during the session?
- You lie fully clothed on a massage table
- With her very skilled touch, Dominique helps you release unconscious muscle tension

The touch used by a well-trained Alexander Technique teacher is quite unique. Dominique’s training took place everyday for three years. She learned to have a non-invasive yet powerful and efficient touch, giving gentle yet clear information to the body and mind of the person.

The Benefits of the sessions
-  Sense of lightness, ease and effortlessness in movement
- Better alignment
- Wear and tear on joints becomes greatly reduced
- Quicker recovery and rehabilitation from injuries
- Improved breathing
- Increase in energy, flexibility, range of motion, awareness, attention and focus
-  An integration of mind and body
- Better sleep and health
- Better capacity to enjoy life which had become locked up over the past days or even years
-  More creativity and spontaneity

More from Dominique’s clients:
 “It makes me feel at home in my own body”.
“It gives me an inner awareness of your own being”
It always makes me connect with something deep inside
“It feels as if my energy gets recharged”
“I always feel so loved and relaxed”
“My body gets reset”
Penelope: January 2014

“Dominique with her hands kindly and gently extends an invitation for me to let go of some holding that I was not aware of before and I find myself letting go willingly, and it feels so right and so good”
Roger Dec 2013

“Both mind and body are being healed through Dominique unique approach, incorporating, on an individual basis, Alexander Technique, Yoga relaxation, Reiki healing and Somatic Therapy to help revive the life force. I have been her client since 2010.” Francis 2011